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Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Humanitarian, Sexual Abuse Survivor.



About the Author

Perto has worked as an agricultural worker, medical assistant, catechism instructor, radio operator, nurse assistant, textile factory, admitting clerk, and home health staffing coordinator supervisor. Perto has volunteered as a Red Cross blood processor, health and safety bilingual instructor. In 1997 Perto organized his own company Ph homecare mgmt, llc. Provided caregivers training, caregivers services, and care case management. After successfully managing his own company for 15 years, Perto Herrera became an author and continued his calling to help needy people, especially victims of sexual abuse and/or trapped in poverty……

Herrera himself is a survivor of severe sexual molestation and abuse, as a young boy raised in a poverty-stricken family in a small village in El Salvador. The personal lessons learned had led the author to fulltime writing, speaking, and philanthropic efforts to help sexual abuse victims and individuals trapped in poverty……


Thank you Perto for your willingness to share your life’s story with the world. I was so saddened to read about the abuse you suffered as a child. Nobody should have to endure the things you did. I am impressed by the spiritual awareness you demonstrated even as a young kid. Indeed, this is how you survived…but for the grace of God. I can’t wait for your second book!

This book has the potential to change people’s lives. It is quite compelling, particularly for someone like myself who rarely ever picks up a book. Once I got started it was hard to put it down – I read most of it in one night! The story caused me to look at my own situation differently, realizing that perhaps my problems are small in comparison to other people. It makes me want to focus more outside of myself, to have compassion for my fellows, and to be always grateful for the blessings I take for granted everyday.

I am definitely recommending this book to all my friends. 5 stars!

--AwnHtown, Amazon

Thank you Perto, for sharing your story. You have truly inspired me to be a better person. I recommend that everyone read because your past has shaken me and I know that you can truly help people. Thank you again for being so brave. God bless!

-- Yajaira Pena, Amazon

Count your blessings! Perto takes you into a world where darkness and evil abound. The good side to a bad experience is what we gain from it. Thru Jesus, Perto found love, strength and endurance. If you are unsure where you are in this life, use this book as a benchmark. As I said at the beginning, count your blessings!

-- Charles G, Amazon

This is a great great history Thanks for share with us

-- Josefa Molina, Amazon

While this memoir may be incredibly demanding and disturbing, it is also a story that the author feels will help him, as well as millions of others of victims of child sexual abuse to heal. Perto Herrera deserves the world’s respect and reverence for his courage in speaking “truth to power.”

-- John J. Kelly, Amazon

About the Book

Men who are victims of sexual abuse don’t like to talk about their experiences which is why very few men will write a book about being molested as a helpless young boy of seven. And no author, except Perto Herrera, will write a book filled with raw, shocking and horrid detail about those experiences. But Perto Herrera did exactly that in “The Invincible Flying Eagle” because he wants readers to come to grips with the reality of childhood abuse and understand just exactly what ‘sexual abuse’ entails. This is a gripping, moving and emotional story of a young boy’s abuse and his ultimate triumph through faith and his own indomitable spirit. -Kirkus Review

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