About the Book

Men who are victims of sexual abuse don’t like to talk about their experiences which is why very few men will write a book about being molested as a helpless young boy of seven. And no author, except Perto Herrera, will write a book filled with raw, shocking and horrid detail about those experiences. But Perto Herrera did exactly that in “The Invincible Flying Eagle” because he wants readers to come to grips with the reality of childhood abuse and understand just exactly what ‘sexual abuse’ entails. This is a gripping, moving and emotional story of a young boy’s abuse and his ultimate triumph through faith and his own indomitable spirit. -Kirkus Review

About the book and about the author
Author, Speaker, Radio host, Humanitarian, Human Rights Activist, Sexual Abuse Survivor.

…After miraculously surviving the most horrid imaginable – unenviable sexual abuse as a boy…

A native of Chalatenango, El Salvador, Perto left his village to San Salvador, as a refugee, then forced to serve in the guerilla forces, finally escaped to Guatemala, then to Mexico and then to Los Angeles and lived in the san Fernando valley, northern California and Tucson before moving to Houston.